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November 2019: "Query is corrupt" error message:

If you suddenly see the following message on starting up AgShow then action is urgently required.

Error message displayed when opening AgShow

On November 12th 2019 Microsoft rolled out an automatic Security Update that impacted Access to generate an error on certain perfectly correct database queries. AgShow uses such queries and the message pictured above will be seen when trying to execute them. If you have this problem see the AgShow page for more details and, thankfully, a work-around.
If you have this problem it is IMPERATIVE that you follow the work-around instructions.


SoftShow is a small software development company that specialises in database applications.
SoftShow's main product is AgShow, a program for Agricultural Show Societies that helps manage their schedule, entries, results, sponsorships, memberships and trade stalls. AgShow is used by more than 50 show societies across Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and Tasmania.

AgShow Version 16.2 was released in September 2018 and can be freely downloaded from this web site and used by Australian Show Societies.

A web version of AgShow's Help can be viewed online at AgShow Help. Viewing the help is a good way to see what AgShow can do and there are quite a few hints and tips that even the experienced user may find helpful.

Development of AgShow has ceased and it is expected version 16.2 will be the final release. However, if ever there is a future update it will be specified on this web site.


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